Protect your favourite garments from overextended collars and droopy shoulders with our premium quality clothes hangers. The firm and solid wood material provides a strong support suitable for heavier clothes like jackets, woollen pants and shirts while the shiny, natural finish prevents your attires from any kind of ripping or tearing.

The strong wood structure of these hangers is sturdy and durable enough acting as a firm base to hold substantial weight of clothing. In addition to this, some of these customized hangers also come with a horizontal bar to carry heavier jeans and other trousers without hampering their quality with the usage of clips. Its slim and sleek designs acts as a space saver and enables you to make the most of the space in your wardrobe while safeguarding your clothes.

Available in a variety of styles and designs, our wholesale wooden hangers give a chromatic arrangement to your wardrobe. Buy customized wooden clothes hangers and give your closet a perfect touch!

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