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Some Innovative Ideas to Use your Clothes Hangers

If you consider that hangers can only help organize your wardrobe, then think again. With some creative techniques, these useful objects can be turned into a multipurpose organizer to arrange not only your clothes but also other items of daily use. As an additional bonus, these decorative hangers can add value and versatility to your wardrobe d├ęcor. Given below is a list of few out-of-the-box ideas to use your hangers:

Create a Jewellery Organizer

Make a great place to store and arrange your jewellery using few wooden hangers and small screw hooks. Just add the screw hooks on the hangers and you have a unique and strong mini-organizer to hang your earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, anklets etc. This will avoid any mixing and save you much time while getting dressed.

Attractive Mod Podge Hangers

Wooden hangers are not much costly and with few other materials like Mod Podge, one can turn them into a decorative wardrobe accessory. Select a pattern, use colourful paints or wrapping covers and fix everything by using a Mod Podge. The result is beautiful and decorative hangers that can enhance the entire visual appeal of your closet.

The Rubber Band Theory

If you are facing any trouble while hanging your beautiful clothing with straps or having a slipping fabric, the rubber band theory will surely do the trick. Use few strong elastic rubber bands and attach them onto the ends of the hangers by using glue. This will retain the shape of your attire and prevent them from falling.

Create a Hanging Locker

Use your old and worn jeans and few wooden hangers to make a multipurpose organizer to store your keys, tools, sewing supplies, crafts or any other thing which you would like to arrange in a neatly order. Use fabric glue to add the scrap clothing onto the hanger. If the clothing already contains pockets, it would be a good; otherwise you can add extra pockets as per your needs.

Scarf and Belt Organizer

Using plastic hangers is a very simple way to organize your scarves and belts. If you normally stack them in your closet or drawer, you might tend to mix them or damage their quality. Take a plastic hanger and keep your scarves and belts in shape by just sliding them through the hanger. You can also roll the scarf to prevent them from slipping. To arrange your belts, slide the belt loop over the hook of the hanger which saves you much time while dressing up.
So, what are you waiting for? Take out some time, and make the best use of hangers to arrange your items.