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A Buying Guide for Clothing Hangers

Choosing the right type of hangers can help in protecting your attires, and make your wardrobes visually-appealing. There is a versatile variety of hangers available in the market, each having a different design and specific style. With innumerable options, selecting a particular type can be quite confusing. This buying guide would give you some insights on how to select perfect hangers that best suit your requirements:


To select the perfect size of hanger for a specific type of garment, one needs to take into account various factors like the dimensions, size and fabric of the attire. Some of the guidelines are given below:

  • Thickness: the normal thickness of standard hangers is ½” and they work well for most of the attires. Heavier outfits like overcoats, jackets or robes require 1” thick hangers.
  • Breadth: The width of the hangers depends on the size of the clothing. Avoid using an excessively large hanger for the attire which might stretch the shoulders. Similarly, do not use hangers that are too small, otherwise the shoulders might droop. Make sure you choose a hanger that retains the shape and quality of your clothing.


Be it cascading hangers, pants hangers, shirt or skirt hangers- each type of hanger features a specific design that works best with their intended items of clothing. Satin hangers are perfect for delicate types of outfits having an intricate pattern and a gentle fabric. Make sure you use hangers for their exact purpose to safeguard your outfit from getting creases or any type of damage.


Various types of clothes hangers come with accessories and features turning them into a multipurpose wardrobe accessory. Features like pants bars, non-staining clips, adjustable hooks and notches, finishes, velvet coverings etc. help people to use them in different ways. Storing scarves, ties or other small-sized clothing is easy with speciality hangers while adjustable hangers can carry specific types of clothing.


Always select a definite type of hanger that fulfils the storage and display requirements of your wardrobe. One can use metal hangers over wire hangers as they are much stronger and save space. If you own a retail store, then contoured hangers would be a good choice as they save a lot of space, maintain the shape of the outfit and give a visual appeal to the clothing rack. Space, durability and shape are the three primary factors which you must consider before making a specific choice.